New Site Search

Published: 17 Dec 2022

We have recently introduced site search on our website. We have done this to make it easier to locate content. When we first launched this site it was always our goal to provide some form of site search. It did not however make sense to implement it until we had built up a large enough collection of articles. If we launched it from the start it would generally not find relevant results because it was only searching within a small number of articles.

The site search allows you to search through our published articles. It does not search within static pages on the Urbexy website such as the homepage or the about us page. It is simply a tool to search for text within articles we have published.

The site search was created by us and is an integral part of the content management system we created and use to manage our website.

Currently, our search may be buggy because it is still being worked on. Rest assured we will continue to make improvements until we feel it is fully woking and stable.

You can test it out here.

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