St Peter's Seminary

Published: 01 Dec 2017

St. Peter's Seminary is a modernist Catholic seminary located near Cardross, Scotland. It was designed by the architect James Stirling and completed in 1966. The building is considered to be one of the finest examples of modernist architecture in the United Kingdom, and is a Grade A listed building.

St. Peter's Seminary was built to accommodate up to 80 seminarians, who would live and study there as they prepared for the priesthood. The seminary included a chapel, classrooms, and living quarters, as well as extensive grounds and gardens.

However, the seminary faced a number of challenges in its early years, including declining enrollment and financial difficulties. These issues, combined with changes in the Catholic Church's approach to training priests, led to the seminary's closure in 1980.

In the decades since its closure, the seminary has fallen into disrepair and has been the subject of various redevelopment proposals. It is currently owned by the Archdiocese of Glasgow, which has been working to restore the building and find a new use for it. Despite its current state of disrepair, St. Peter's Seminary remains an important and influential example of modernist architecture.

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