WWII Decoy Site Mystery

Published: 22 May 2018

Decoys were used all across the UK in an attempt to deceive the enemy into dropping their deadly bombs in the wrong area. These decoys (sometimes called starfish sites) were generally either fire decoys or lighting decoys. Fire decoys were designed to make it look like a target had been successfully hit and encourage other bombers to target the same area. Lighting decoys were made to look like an urban area with lights coming from windows, open doors and skylights etc.

The decoy sites were controlled from a decoy bunker close to the actual decoy site. Fire decoy bunkers normally had a single room to house the crew and the switchgear needed to remotely trigger the fires. Lighting decoys on the other hand had two rooms. One for crew and one for the generator that was required to power the lighting system.

At this decoy we have records telling us there was a fire decoy and a lighting decoy. This would mean the decoy needed a generator to provide power, yet the control bunker is of single room construction. Are we missing a bunker or was there a remote generator.

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In a previous video we had a more detailed look around the decoy bunker

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