Abandoned 1810 Dry Dock

Published: 26 Aug 2020

This dry dock is located within the town of Greenock in Scotland. It is often referred to as the submarine dock because it was laterally involved in the construction and maintenance of submarines.

The dock was built in 1810 as part of the former Steele's shipyard at Cartsdyke Greenock. It was later taken over by Scott Lithgow shipbuilders.

The dry dock is believed to be one of the oldest dry docks in the UK. The style of this dock is referred to as a graving dock.

The dry dock steel water gates are still in place, although they are not the original gates. The dry dock also has a basin leading in from the River Clyde. There are various pieces of manual machinery by the dockside including a capstan winch on either side. There are also iron rings positioned along either side of the dock edge.

The Dry Dock was abandoned in 1987 when Scott Lithgows shipyard was closed. All the buildings were removed leaving only the dock and basin.

The dry dock is listed by Historic Environmental Scotland.

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