Seaside Nursing Home

Published: 17 May 2021

In this video, we got the opportunity to explore a former nursing home in Scotland. We had been watching this location for a couple of years, but on a recent visit, we saw that access to the building was possible.

As urban explorers, we NEVER break into a location. This is one of the key rules of urban exploration...

Take nothing but images, leave nothing but footprints, break nothing but silence.

When we were finally able to enter the building we found it looked to be in structurally good condition, but the fabric of the building is certainly starting to decay. We believe this building has been abandoned for approximately 10 years.

There are currently no plans laid out for this building and we suspect it will be allowed to deteriorate further. It is in a prime location for future property development, so this building is likely to be demolished at some point in the future.

Once a building like this is gone, it's gone. That's why we view urban exploration as recording history...

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