Abandoned Victorian Mansion

Published: 01 May 2021

Sometimes when you look at a ruin of an abandoned building you can still see it as a stunning piece of architecture. This building is a case in point.

It was built in 1833 as a family home. It laterally became a school for children in the surrounding rural area. Today the building has been abandoned for several decades and is now in a sad state of repair. The structure remains solid, but the fabric of the building has been exposed to the elements and is now crumbling.

Buildings like this are rare and should be protected. This structure will no doubt continue to deteriorate and it's condition will only get worse unless work to preserve the building is carried out.

In our video we have a look around the exterior of the property and also have a look inside the building. Externally, the structure does look to be mostly sound. It's once you get inside you can see the damage the years of being exposed to the elements have done. Water ingress is slowly but surely rotting the fabric of the building away.

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