Experimental Radar Station

Published: 15 Aug 2020

We found this building when looking around the surrounding area on old maps. When we later looked on Google Earth, there was still evidence of a structure at the site. We went up the hill to see what remains of it. The building can be briefly seen from some of the surrounding roads and looks like it may have been related to local farming or agriculture.

There are sources online claiming this is the remains of an experimental radar station. There is very little detailed information about this location, but this is probably to be expected based on it being a military experiment.

The building contains two rooms. A larger L shaped room and a smaller room taking up one small corner of the building. It is possible that smaller room may have housed a generator when the structure was still in use. The building is built from brick and appears to have been clad in a layer of concrete on the exterior and about 1/3 of the way up on the inside. If this was a radar station is it likely it once had a lattice antenna mount on the roof. It has not been possible to locate any old images of the building.

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