Abandoned Farm Ruins

Published: 18 Aug 2020

This location was spotted on Google Earth. It just looked like a mark on the land. I then looked at the area using old maps provided online by the National Library Of Scotland and confirmed it was, in fact, an old farm building called Glenbrae farm. This is located within the Corlic Hill area of Inverclyde.

There were also a number of other ruins within the same geographical area, but we decided to hike out and take a look at this particular one because it was the first we had spotted. We will be going back to film and document the other ruins as time permits.

The area we were travelling to involved a hike of only a few miles but did provide some spectacular views and scenery. We have included some scenery from the walk within the explore video.

At the location, we also came across some old farming machinery and an old engine block within the remains of the building. I imagine the engine may have formed part of a generator at some point.

We also took our Parrot Anafi drone to capture some aerial footage of the remains.

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