Roman Bridge Inverkip

Published: 16 Jul 2019

The Roman Bridge within the village of Inverkip (Inverclyde) is not thought to be from the roman period. It is believed to be of roman design but built much later. It is believed to be early 17th century.

The bridge is still refereed to locally as "Roman Bridge" and is even named this on current and old maps. The name is probably due to it's roman design and it's location compared to roman roads that are within the area.

There are masons markings on blocks and the design certainly does look Roman in appearance. It is however thought that the bridge was constructed to enable people to walk to church from various areas of the county when the main church was located in the village of Inverkip.

The bridge sits alongside a more modern road bridge and passes over "Kip Water" as it flows towards the Clyde.

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