Larkfield Anti-Aircraft Battery

Published: 10 Jul 2021

During WWII Anti-Aircraft Batteries were constructed all across the UK. They were designed and positioned to protect key areas that would have been potential targets for enemy bombers and/or fighter aircraft.

We paid a visit to one such location. The Larkfield Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery is located in Greenock, Scotland. This is a large AA battery consisting of 4 gun emplacements and 2 magazines. It also has a control building. There are various other axillary buildings at the location.

The local council have recently secured the site by barring up all doors and windows to prevent people from accessing the structures. This was done in an attempt to prevent anti-social behaviour that has become a problem at the location. The battery had become a local drinking den for local youngsters.

We are glad they used bars as opposed to steel shutters. At least with bars you still have the ability to see in and look inside the buildings.

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