Protecting Locations

Published: 17 Jun 2019

Every year we loose many locations as a direct result of a few people who set out to destroy them. If you provide location details then you are giving these people the information they need. You should always protect your locations and only share them with people you know and trust.

We only provide location information or even place names if the site is very commonly known, demolished or we have permission to do so. You need to be very careful about who you share this information with.

There are people who seek out abandoned locations to cause damage, steal items and even to commit arson.  In the worst case scenario a location can be lost simply by letting it's details fall into the wrong hands.

The best thing you can do as an explorer is ensure you do not disclose any details that could be potentially harmful to your locations. Share wisely and try and be sure the person you share with will treat the location with the same level of respect that you do.

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