New video intro

Published: 17 Aug 2019

We recently designed and created a new introduction scene that we will be using for future videos. We will probably change this a little over the coming weeks but for now we would like to show you a simple video of how it was put together.

Our main video editing tool that we use is called Kdenlive. We use this for all of our video requirements. It allows us to cut and splice scenes, import audio and color grade our footage.

For our intro we wanted to use 3D animation and for this we used Blender

Blender is primarily a tool used for 3D modeling and rendering but it has a very powerful tool-set that can be used for video editing, specifically visual effects.

For our intro was wanted the wording "Urbexy" placed on the ground with the wording "urban exploration" dropping in from above. The initial footage was a simple downward panning shot filmed in the garden.

The first think we needed to do was import our footage into blender and apply camera tracking to the scene. This means our 3D scene can follow the same camera movements as the real camera used to film the scene. We can then place our text and animated objects within the scene.

This is certainly not a Blender tutorial, but it shows the basic steps that we carried out to create our new intro.

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