Possible Roman Grave

Published: 22 Apr 2021

Whilst we were filming our Loch Thom history documentary we became aware of a discovery that had been made within the loch. An arrangement of stones had been spotted that was referred to as a "grave".

Because of it's location and proximity to local Roman roads and patrol paths in the immediate area, it was very possible it was indeed Roman.

The waters of the loch were at the lowest point they had been in living memory and It is unlikely they will ever be this low again for the foreseeable future.

Before Loch Thom was constructed it was farmland with a burn running through it. The loch was created by damming the burn to create the reservoir.

One theory is that going way back there was a Roman burial. Through time the grave markings were lost as it was covered by soil. As the land became used for farming the grave may not have been known about because it had been lost to the rising ground level over time.

When the loch was constructed and the area was flooded the grave would have once again been exposed as the topsoil was washed through the rock and stones. As the grave became exposed it was however now lost under the water level.

It was only when the level of the loch was substantially lowered that the "gravesite" was once again visible.

Authorities were notified of the possible discovery but unfortunately, the window for carrying out a proper examination of the site had been lost. The area is now once again lost below the water level of the loch.

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