A Few Changes

Published: 17 Jun 2019

We have recently made quite a lot of changes to our website. Some of them are fairly obvious (text and images) but must of the changes have been to the software we use to run the website. The aim was to simplify the process of adding new content. What we have done is added a blog section to the website that incorporates what used to be our "explores" section.

We will still be adding all out exploring videos to the site using the explores area, but we will also be using it to share blog posts that we feel are urban exploration related and want to share with you.

We would welcome any comments or criticism you may have regarding the website and we hope to continue making it better and more content rich.

One key area of interest for us was the ability to share images within our blog post. We have now made this a reality and can share blog posts, videos and images within our new blog. The scripting and software still has a few little issues that we need to resolve, but to all intents and purposes is not functional.

Image for demonstration purposes..

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