Synchronising your content between YouTube and Odysee

Published: 10 Apr 2021

Youtube is an incredible platform for sharing your video content, but in this day and age, it is becoming more and more important to have your content available on multiple platforms and locations.

Odysee is an up and coming video platform that may end up being a genuine competitor to YouTube. Odysee is based on the LBRY platform and allows content creators to be paid in Cryptocurrency (LBC).


Odysee has made it simple to sync your YouTube channel with Odysee. You can set up your Odysee account to update each time you upload content to YouTube. You simply upload to YouTube and the new content will soon become available on Odysee.

The initial synchronisation can take some time (weeks) but once you are synced up, new content is generally available on the Odysee platform within an hour of uploading to YouTube.

The first thing you need to do is create an account on Odysee. By using this link you (and we) will receive some free (LBC). Register as a new user, and once your account has been set up and verified you can now "Sync your YouTube channel".

Once logged in you should click the upload icon at the top of the screen. This will present you with a dropdown. Select "Sync YouTube Channel"

From there you will have the ability to provide Odysee with your YouTube channel details. It is important to note that Sync is only available for channels with more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube (watch time does not matter).

If you have less than 1000 subscribers the sync will not complete. In this case, you can simply create a new channel on Odysee and upload your content there.

As well as being a new and alternative platform, Odysee also provides content creators with the chance to generate some revenue through a cryptocurrency called LBC (LBRY Credits). You earn LBC for watching content, receiving tips and monthly rewards. The daily watch reward will pay you between 0.25 and 100 LBC. The monthly YouTube partner reward for YouTube partner channels is between 30 and 60 LBC.

Through time these rewards do add up and can be moved from Odysee to a cryptocurrency exchange. You can then choose to convert your LBC into a more readily spendable currency or even cash out your currency.

The exchange that I use to handle my LBC is Coinex. What I tend to do is build up my LBC on Odysee. Then when I want to spend some of it I move it to Coinex and then convert it to Dogecoin. I can then use this to make online purchases where it is accepted.

Odysee is certainly a very interesting platform and I will be very interested to see if they can gain a larger audience base. Right now, YouTube is still very much the king of online video, but who knows what the future holds. It makes sense for your content to be made available on alternative platforms.

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