The Horses Tomb

Published: 04 Apr 2022

The Horses Tomb is a building located in an area of woodland within the town of Wemyss Bay, Scotland. The tomb is believed to have been built by Lord Inverclyde who owned the nearby Castle Wemyss. The tomb would have been within the grounds of the former castle.

It is believed that the tomb was built for his favourite horse and that this horse was interned within the tomb. Very little more is known about the tomb and we do not have a date for its construction.

The tomb has been subject to vandalism and the interior is badly graffitied. The building is in very poor condition and is now perhaps even structurally unsafe. The roof is made of steel beams supporting concrete. In areas, the concrete has started to separate from the metalwork. Many of the dressing stones from the facade have fallen onto the ground and the doorway arch-work has also deteriorated with the decorative stonework missing.

Without preservation work, this structure may not survive for much longer.

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