The Prophets Grave

Published: 17 Jul 2020

The prophets grave is a historic location in North Ayrshire Scotland. It marks the final resting place of The Rev William Smith.

William Smith died as a result of the plague in the year 1647. He was 28 years of age and had been the local minister for approximately 3 years.

As he became ill, he continued to preach to his flock for as long as possible. In those days very little was known about infectious diseases and the concept of contagious diseases was not understood. It is thought that William Smith was struck down with Typhoid Fever. In those times many put illness and disease down to an act of God.

William Smith became known as the Prophet based on what he said on his death bed. He decided where he wished to be laid to rest, he also said that if two holly trees were planted by his grave (one at each end). So long as the trees did not touch each other the local area would never be effected by the plague again.

Cholera struck the town at least twice in the 1830s, however, it is not known if the holly trees were touching or not. Maybe William Smith was specifically referring to typhoid fever.

The Prophets Grave is also known as "The Ministers Grave" and "Smiths Grave".

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