Drones and Urban Exploration

Published: 16 Jul 2019

Over the past decade drones have become increasingly more advanced. The technology has certainly made them a lot more user friendly and functional than before. When drones first appeared they were very much hit and miss. They were prone to crashing, having fly-away incidents where control was lost and the footage they were able to gather was not great.

Today's drones use advanced control systems and are way more reliable that they previously were. They also capture images in much higher resolution and can create video on HD or even 4K. This makes then an incredibly useful tool for urban explorers either for getting a shot that would otherwise have been impossible or even for scouting out a location.

Over the past couple of months we have been using the Parrot Anafi as our drone and it has proved to be invaluable when it comes to creating content. We have started using drone footage within our main videos. We have also published a couple of drone only videos.

Some Scenic shots taken at Lunderston Bay overlooking the River Clyde...

A drone flight over the site of a former power station...

Another drone flight this time to take a look at what is though to be a prehistoric hill fort...

Drones are probably one of the most useful tools currently available to an urban explorer. We are looking forward to making further use of this new "tool" heading to the future and hope it will increase the quality of our videos by adding another perspective to the experience.

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