How can graffiti vanish?

Published: 22 Jun 2019

When we were planning a trip to explore Balrossie school, as part of our research we watched other exploration videos of the location. This is something we do regularly because it helps us to prepare for the explore and gives us an idea what to look out for. It may also point out interesting parts of the location that we can focus on.

Before visiting the Balrossie location one video we watched was created by "Our Haunted Scotland Project". The video was a combination of an explore and a paranormal investigation. It gave us an insight into the location and did help us to prepare.

The video they produced was uploaded prior to our visit and it was not until we uploaded our version we saw something strange.

Within the building there is a main hall. It was about the size of a small sports hall and was used for gym/sports and also as a small theater. It has a stage and the remains of a set of wall bars.

Both our videos contain a similar scene where we are walking down a corridor towards the the hall. In the footage created by Our Haunted Scotland Project there is clearly graffiti on the floor. It says "Lets Play Ball". In our footage this is not visible (our footage was taken approximately a month later). This does raise the question "how is this possible?"

Balrossie School Image

There were a number of reasons put forward within our video comments but I am not convinced we have yet found the answer.

Did Our Haunted Scotland edit the graffiti into their video?

There is nothing to suggest this to be the case and it is incredibly unlikely they would have done this. In reality there was no reason for them to do this.

Did you edit the Graffiti out of the footage to create a story?

No we did not, and to be honest I am not sure I would have been able to pull this off. It would be incredibly difficult to edit an item such as graffiti out of a video without it leaving something behind to give it away. It was only noticed when I re watched the version from Our Haunted Scotland Project. For some reason the graffiti caught my attention and I read it. It was later when re watching our version I looked for the same graffiti and it was nowhere to be seen.

Has someone cleaned it off?

There is no way of knowing this but it does seem like the most plausible story. I really have no idea why someone would want to do this. It is a derelict building in  very poor condition. It seems very strange that someone would want to remove one piece of vandalism.

Was the graffiti done with temporary paint?

Again this is possible, although I do not know why someone would use this within an abandoned building. The only reason I can think of, where this kind of paint may be useful is a graffiti artist that wants to do a piece of art and photograph it without leaving any trace. This was not a high quality piece of graffiti it was literally a few words on the floor.

Was it removed by people walking over it?

We do not think so. Balrossie is fairly popular with urban explorers so there may well be quite a few people walking in and out of the room but would this be enough to totally remove the wording without leaving a trace? Foot-fall may have been enough to particularly remove it, but not totally.

It had to be ghosts then right?

We are definitely not saying this. There has to be a logical reason, we just have not found it yet. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment on the video.

We highly suggest you check out Our Haunted Scotland Project. They are one of the very few paranormal investigation channels who focus on reality. They carry out an exploration and investigation at each of their locations and do not try to create fake content. Way to many paranormal channels on YouTube are all about drama and trying to create sensational content. With Our Haunted Scotland Project they just present their findings.

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