What Is RealUrbex

Published: 17 Jun 2019

Urban exploration often shortened to "Urbex" is a hobby that has been in existence for a long time. There have always been unofficial rules regarding urbex but they were not and are not always followed. There are people who set out to steal from locations or vandalize locations.

RealUrbex is a movement set up by true urban explorers to highlight the point that they have chosen to follow certain rules. The rules are not strict or stringent and in many cases fall under laws and basic common sense.

  1. Do not break into locations.
  2. Do not damage locations.
  3. Do not steal or take anything from a location.
  4. Do not put locations at risk by sharing the location with people you don't know and trust.
  5. Do not alter the location (for example re-arranging or cleaning up for a photo shoot).
  6. Do not produce fake content from an explore.
  7. Do not engage in "clickbait".

The reason RealUrbex came to be was due to the  large number of videographers and photographers creating content that was simply faked for the purpose of generating exposure.

The thinking behind the RealUrbex term was to allow creators to identify as a true urban explorer. This not only helps viewers identify genuine content. It also allows creators to network and build a community based on the style of content they create.

There are a lot of creators who produce urban exploring based content that is clearly scripted and a work of fiction. There is nothing wrong with this, so long as it is made clear to the viewer that this is not a typical urban exploration video. The problem with fake content is it makes the entire genre less believable.

We hope that through time the RealUrbex tag will become a lot more common and will become a sign of true urban exploring based content. We would like to see it being embraced by many more creators of genuine urban exploration related content.

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