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Balrossie School Kilmacolm - 05 Sep 2017
Balrossie School was first opened in 1899 an an orphanage for the children of sailors. The building was later adapted to become an approved school for boys. The building was last used in the mid nineties and is now sadly a ruin. There has been a lot of vandalism at Balrossie, and sections of the bu... continue reading

Exploring IBM factory in Greenock - 17 Sep 2017
The Spango Valley IBM factory was opened in Greenock in the 1950's During IBM's time in Greenock, the site was used for the production of office equipment such as typewriters and photocopiers. It was during the 90's when the Greenock IBM plant was in full swing building thousands of PC's every ... continue reading

Abandoned Wemyss Bay Hotel - 09 Oct 2017
Wemyss Bay Hotel. A once very popular hotel on the West coast of Scotland now abandoned, derelict and a ruin. The building is awaiting demolition to make way for future retail development. Within the hotel you can still see the bars, seating areas and dinning rooms. There is very little in the way ... continue reading

Cramond Island - 28 Oct 2017
A small island within the Firth of Forth that was used during both world wars as part of the east coasts Forth coastal defense in Scotland The island contains the remains of buildings from WWI and WWII. There is also evidence to suggest the island may have also been occupied by the Romans. ... continue reading

Trains at Dunaskin - 17 Nov 2017
On the site of the former iron works at Dunaskin you can see various abandoned trains and rolling stock. The area is now the Scottish industrial railway centre. and is operated by the Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group. There are many trains that are certainly in a very poor condition, but s... continue reading

St Peter's Seminary - 01 Dec 2017
St. Peter's Seminary is a modernist Catholic seminary located near Cardross, Scotland. It was designed by the architect James Stirling and completed in 1966. The building is considered to be one of the finest examples of modernist architecture in the United Kingdom, and is a Grade A listed building.... continue reading

Loch Long Torpedo Range - 17 Feb 2018
The torpedo test range at Loch Long was built in 1912 and was finally abandoned in 1987. This site would certainly have been involved in the testing of new torpedo systems designed for the Royal Navy during both world wars. Since becoming abandoned there has been at least one serious fire that de... continue reading

WWII Decoy Bunker - 28 Feb 2018
Decoy sites were used in WWII to lure enemy bombers away from their intended target and to a purpose built fake target a safe distance away. Decoys were used to protect towns and cities as well as factories, industrial areas, airfields and military targets. Decoys used fire, electric lighting or... continue reading

Shielhill Caves Greenock - 08 Mar 2018
Shielhill cave located within Shielhill glen in Greenock is a natural cave under an overhanging rock that was modified in the 1930's by adding a facade to the front of the cave. The cave was mainly used to provide something to do for the unemployed during a period of financial depression. As w... continue reading

Abandoned Jetty Inverkip - 13 Mar 2018
This Jetty was part of the now demolished Inverkip Power station. The Jetty was used to accept deliveries of oil, that was used to fuel the power station. The power station was built in the 70's, but with ever increasing oil prices it soon became clear that the power station was not viable. It was ... continue reading

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