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Govan Docks - 07 Jul 2018
This is a short video showing an area of ship building and docklands in Glasgow. Ship building was one of the key industries along the River Clyde. Ship building has all but left the upper Clyde and all that is left are the ruins of a once booming industry. The dry docks at this location were s... continue reading

Cardross Battery - 06 Aug 2018
Cardross battery was a WWII anti-aircraft battery located near Cardross on the west coast of Scotland. The battery is in poor condition and has become very overgrown with some well established trees in or around the gun placements. The command post still remains on the site, although it is also ve... continue reading

IBM Greenock Factory Fire - 06 Sep 2018
This is some footage we were able to capture of a fire at the former IBM factory located in Greenock, Scotland. The fire was the result of arson and there were no injuries at the time. The building was on fire in two separate locations. The first and largest fire was within the main reception ar... continue reading

Abandoned Farm Building - 21 Sep 2018
This was a very quick look around an abandoned farm building. This building has been abandoned for several decades and falls within farmland in the Loch Thom area of Greenock, Scotland. The building is in a very poor condition and is unsafe. We did not film within the buildings, although it is n... continue reading

High Mathernock Anti-Aircraft Gun - 01 Oct 2018
High Mathernock AA battery is a former world war two anti-aircraft position located close to the town of Kilmacolm in Scotland. The site contains the remains of four gun emplacements and a command post. There is also some fragmented remains close to the location that may have been the remains of... continue reading

Revisiting The Abandoned IBM Factory - 09 Oct 2018
The IBM plant in Greenock had become fairly popular with urban explorers over the years. We have filmed it in the past, but thought it was worth while revising the site before it was lost. Much of this footage was shot in mid to late 2017 whilst the buildings were in the process of being demolishe... continue reading

Former Inverkip Power Station - 16 Oct 2018
Inverkip power station was an oil fueled power station that opened at the worse possible time. On it's completion oil prices were on the increase and the power station was mothballed pretty much from the start. Inverkip power station was built in the 1970's and it only really saw operational ser... continue reading

Balrossie_Revisit - 23 Oct 2018
We have previously uploaded a video filmed at Balrossie School, but this video contains some footage we did not previously upload or share. This video contains footage captured on our SJCam that was worn head mounted at the time. We were experimenting with the use of head cams although we have not... continue reading

Strange Noises - Halloween Special - 30 Oct 2018
On a recent explore one of our cameras picked up some strange audio. We did not hear the sounds at the time of recording, we only noticed it during the edit process. We invite your feedback as to what the sounds were. The audio was captured when we were filming our exploration of Balrossie. We tho... continue reading

Abandoned Farm - 06 Nov 2018
Farms are very often the life blood of the country. With fields used to grow crops and animals reared for meat and dairy products. From time to time these locations fall into disuse and can very quickly become derelict. This is one such example. This would have once been a thriving farm and is now... continue reading

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