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From time to time, you will come across a bee within your house or outdoors and at first glance it may appear to be dead. If you gently move the bee it may quickly “wake up” and fly away or it may display small movements and a laboured attempt at walking. In the latter case, you can attempt to revitalize the bee using a mixture of sugar and water.

You can make up a small amount of 1 part sugar and 10 parts water mixture within a suitable container or bowl. Gently introduce the bee to the container and encourage it towards the sugary mixture. It will soon begin to feed on the sweet water.

Gradually the bee will recover its energy and fly away. It may even hang around for a while to get more of the sugary sweet mixture.

Some people recommend using honey instead of sugar but some reading I have done suggests this may not be a good idea. The honey you feed the bee will have been produced by a different colony and this may introduce foreign infections to the bees. Bees only eat honey that is produced by the colony they are part of.