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The Prophets Grave - 17 Jul 2020
The prophets grave is a historic location in North Ayrshire Scotland. It marks the final resting place of The Rev William Smith. William Smith died as a result of the plague in the year 1647. He was 28 years of age and had been the local minister for approximately 3 years.As he became ill, he contin... continue reading

Fairlie Castle - 07 Feb 2020
Fairlie castle is believed to date back to 1512. It was built by Robert Fairlie. His family owned the land dating back to the 14th century.The castle was the centrepiece of a large area of ground that was used for gardens and orchards. Today you can still see evidence of a well-defined cobble path t... continue reading

Virtual ROC Post - 02 Nov 2019
This is without a doubt the most advanced video project we have attempted to date. Our goal was to create an animated video showing what an ROC post was, what they would have looked like and how one would have operated. ROC Posts were small underground bunkers that were built all across the UK duri... continue reading

Remains of 16th-century Church and Burial Ground - 21 Oct 2019
This location has been on our radar for quite some time and when we visited we were not dissapointed. Even as a ruin this 16th-century church is still stunning.As we explored the location we could still see an incredible amount of detail in the masonry. One can only imagine how impressive it mush ha... continue reading

Ruins found using old maps - 17 Aug 2019
Old maps are a great tool for anyone who is into urban exploring, research or history. They can be great for finding little clues about the past.We discovered some small buildings in an area of what is now farmland on North Ayrshire. We decided to pay the location a visit and see if anything remaine... continue reading

Avro Anson crash memorial Greenock - 17 Aug 2019
On the 26th July 1939 a fleet of 15 aircraft were heading between Belfast in Northern Ireland and the former RAF Abbotsinch airfield (now the site of Glasgow airport) in Scotland.At the time of the flight the weather conditions were poor and viability was limited. Due to this the aircraft were given... continue reading

New video intro - 17 Aug 2019
We recently designed and created a new introduction scene that we will be using for future videos. We will probably change this a little over the coming weeks but for now we would like to show you a simple video of how it was put together.Our main video editing tool that we use is called Kdenli... continue reading

Scott and Sons Shipyard at Bowling - 18 Jul 2019
The history of the Scott and Sons shipyard at bowling can be traced back as far as 1851. The company was involved in shipbuilding and repair.The yard eventually closed down in 1979 and the site has been abandoned ever since. Most of the structures and buildings on land have now been demolished and t... continue reading

Pencil Monument Largs - 17 Jul 2019
The Pencil Monument in Largs (North Ayrshire) is a pencil shaped monument structure that was built to commemorate the battle of Largs.The monument it's self was constructed in 1912 but the battle occurred in 1263.The battle of Largs was a short lived battle between the fleet of Norway and the Scotti... continue reading

Roman Bridge Inverkip - 16 Jul 2019
The Roman Bridge within the village of Inverkip (Inverclyde) is not thought to be from the roman period. It is believed to be of roman design but built much later. It is believed to be early 17th century.The bridge is still refereed to locally as "Roman Bridge" and is even named this on current and ... continue reading

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