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Over recent years there has be a huge influx of fake content within the paranormal niche. There have also been a lot of channels who were primarily involved in urban exploring that have switched over to the paranormal and are creating staged content simply for views.

There are many great channels within the paranormal scene who do believe in the subject and are trying to be true paranormal investigators. It can be interesting to watch them as they try and carry out an honest investigation. I like the fact that they do not try and create a fake scene simply to try and prove the existence of the paranormal, they try and honestly document what is happening.

It is fair to say that most of the true channels do not find anything that really comes across as any sort of proof that the paranormal is a real thing, yet there are channels who seem to come across a ghost every time they pick up a camera.

Some of these channels present their content as fiction and purely for the purpose of providing entertainment. There are however channels who attempt to present their content as real when it is clearly fake.

Many of the fake channels generate way more views that genuine channels within the paranormal niche. The main reason will be that viewers do find this content entertaining, even although most will be fully aware that what they are watching is entirely faked and staged simply to create a video.

This does however pose a huge problem for genuine channels within the paranormal space. They will not be able to provide content that is nearly as entertaining as the fake channels. The channels producing the fake paranormal content will make it very hard for any genuine content to compete. If people are exposed to fake content that the creator claims is real, then it sets the bar very high with the audience. They will be used to the exciting content that the fakers are able to put out and genuine investigatory content will seam very boring in comparison.


There are also similar issues within the Urbex niche, but not nearly to the same extent as within the paranormal category.