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How to Spot a Fake WD SSD

Sometimes an offer seems to good to be true. In most cases if it probably is. We recently upgraded our network storage server and wanted to install SSD drives to increase read speed. I saw a  listing on eBay for WD Blue 1TB SSD drives for £29. My gut told me the item was either […]

To much fake paranormal content on YouTube

Over recent years there has be a huge influx of fake content within the paranormal niche. There have also been a lot of channels who were primarily involved in urban exploring that have switched over to the paranormal and are creating staged content simply for views. There are many great channels within the paranormal scene […]

WWII photography cover-up

Military editing aerial images After WWII the UK RAF (Royal Air Force)  began a project of photographing much of the UK from the air. These photographs were mainly for use by the military, but would later be released to the general public. When viewing some of these aerial photographs it becomes clear that they have been altered. […]

Tools we use for video creation

As urban explorers we travel to locations of interest and create videos of them. Whilst each video is different, we use the same processes and techniques. Our camera Our main footage is shot on a Nikon D5500 DLSR camera. This camera does not support 4K filming and this is one area where we are planning to upgrade […]

Is it still worth uploading to Odysee?

Odysee is an alternative video platform similar to YouTube. It does not have as many users so you can’t expect your videos to get anywhere near the same number of views so it it worth it? We would say yes it is because you can set up your Odysee account to automatically grab your new […]

FilmMusic.io and YouTube.

From time to time YouTube creators will receive an email from the YouTube team telling them one of their videos has been restricted or removed. In many cases, the creator will know what has happened and will accept the email. If for example, your work includes copyright material that you are not licensed to use […]

Welcome To Our New Website

We have recently upgraded our website. We have been able to retain all of our old content and blog posts. The new website will allow us to more easily manage our web presence. Up until this new point, we were running a custom-built content management system. It had become apparent over the past year or […]

Photogrammetry – Possible Grave

Photogrammetry is a method of using photographs to measure and analyze objects or landscapes. It involves taking multiple photographs of an object or scene from different angles and then using specialized software to analyze the photographs and create a 3D model or map of the object or landscape. This technique is often used in fields […]

Hidden WWII Aircraft Monitoring Post

The Royal Observer Corps (ROC) was a British civil defence organization that was responsible for the identification and reporting of aircraft movements during the end stages of WWII and into the Cold War. It was formed in 1925 and was disbanded in 1995. The ROC consisted of volunteers who were trained to identify and report aircraft […]

Photogrammetry – Recording History

Photogrammetry is a method that enables us to create very detailed 3D models from still images. If we wish to create a 3D model of an object we can achieve this by taking a large number of high-resolution still images and then using software to merge these images into a 3D object. This can be […]