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Crookston Castle

Crookston Castle is the only remaining medieval castle within the city of Glasgow. The present castle was built by the Stewarts of Darnley around 1400. It was built on the site of an earthwork thought to be the remains of a previous defensive structure dating back to the 1100s. Crookston Castle is managed and maintained […]

Duchal Castle – Kilmacolm

Duchal Castle in Kilmacolm, Scotland We have visited the remains of Duckal Castle in the past but it is always interesting to return to a location to see how it has changed. With a very old site like this, it can be very difficult to notice any real changes, especially when they have been in […]

Hilltop Farm

We stumbled upon this former farm building when looking for another location. We thought the farm was still in active use until we arrived to find it derelict and abandoned. From the condition of the building, we can only assume it has not been lived in for quite some time. All furniture and belongings have […]

WWII Coastal Battery

Cloch Battery was a coastal defence battery located near the town of Gourock on the West Coast of Scotland. It was operational in both WWI and WWII. Today you can still find fragmented remains of the battery site including the main firing control building, which is located on the hillside above Cloch Point and the […]

The Tenement House – Glasgow

The Tenement House in Glasgow is a time capsule into the past and gives us an idea of what it would have been like to live in a typical middle-class Glasgow tenement. The home has been preserved and it is managed by the¬†National Trust for Scotland. The tenement house was once the home of Agnes […]

Torpedo Test Range – Revisit

We recently made a return trip to the former torpedo test range on Loch Long. We were interested to see how it’s condition had changed since we last visited in Feb 2018. The ruins remain pretty much the same as they were during our previous visit. The jetty appears to have had some maintenance carried […]

The Hill House – Helensburgh

The Hill House in Helensburgh is a famous building designed by renowned Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It was built between 1902-1904 for publisher Walter Blackie and his family. It is considered a masterpiece of Mackintosh’s “Glasgow Style” of architecture. The house is located on a hilltop overlooking the River Clyde and is a unique […]

Heathfield Farm – Ruins

We stumbled upon this ruin when out looking for another location. We filmed the remains of the buildings, then did some research later. The ruins are all that remains of the former Heathfield Farm located within The Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park. There are many ruins like this to be found all across Scotland and it […]

Haco’s Tomb

Hacos Tomb is a chambered burial site dating back as far as 3300 BC. Originally, the tomb consisted of three chambers, although only one remains intact today. The entire structure would have been covered by hundreds of tons of rocks. This mound was known locally as “Margaret’s Law” before its removal in 1772 to expose […]