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Cloch Battery was a coastal defence battery located near the town of Gourock on the West Coast of Scotland. It was operational in both WWI and WWII.

Today you can still find fragmented remains of the battery site including the main firing control building, which is located on the hillside above Cloch Point and the Cloch Lighthouse.

Some sections of the battery are hidden in plain sight. One of the searchlight positions has been demolished to only a few above ground level. The walls have been capped with decorative toping stone and it now serves as a viewpoint overlooking the River Clyde.

A guard room has been fully demolished leaving only its concrete floor. This is now a seating area with benches and also offers views out over the river. On the ground, you can still see where internal walls would have once stood. This gives us a lot of clues about the layout and purpose of the former building.

Cloch Battery is now dominated by Cloch Caravan Park. but when walking around you can still see evidence of its past. You can still see the concrete walls that would have once been a base for the gun positions. You can also clearly see the location of the magazine.