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We stumbled upon this former farm building when looking for another location. We thought the farm was still in active use until we arrived to find it derelict and abandoned.

From the condition of the building, we can only assume it has not been lived in for quite some time. All furniture and belongings have been removed leaving only carpets and wall coverings. We do not know exactly when the property was abandoned but we would guess at least 10-15 years.

The surrounding farmland appears to be used as grazing land by neighbouring farms for Sheep and cattle. The building itself is in very poor condition with the external rendering being damaged. Internally there is a lot of dampness and signs of water ingress. Due to water penetrating the fabric of the building, the floors feel very soft.

The various outbuildings are also in bad shape. The main outbuilding which we assume was a cowshed has been seriously damaged by weather with large sections of its metal roof missing. The other buildings (mainly brick-built outbuildings) are also in varying stages of disrepair.

Very little is known about this location. We can only guess about its future. It appears this building is perhaps beyond economic repair so it is unlikely it will be used as a residence again.