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Abandoned Victorian Mansion - 01 May 2021
Sometimes when you look at a ruin of an abandoned building you can still see it as a stunning piece of architecture. This building is a case in point.It was built in 1833 as a family home. It laterally became a school for children in the surrounding rural area. Today the building has been abandoned ... continue reading

Lennox Castle Hospital - 22 Apr 2021
Lennox castle hospital was a hospital located in Lennoxtown near Glasgow in Scotland. The hospital opened in the 1930s and was closed in 2002.All that remains on the site today is the main "castle" building. The building was never a true castle, it was just built in the style of a castle.Lennox Cast... continue reading

Ardrossan Castle - 22 Apr 2021
Ardrossan Castle is a ruinous castle located within the town of Ardrossan, North Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland.The ruins currently occupying the site are the 2nd castle to have been constructed at that location. The original castle was built by the Barcley family. The current castle is beli... continue reading

Possible Roman Grave - 22 Apr 2021
Whilst we were filming our Loch Thom history documentary we became aware of a discovery that had been made within the loch. An arrangement of stones had been spotted that was referred to as a "grave".Because of it's location and proximity to local Roman roads and patrol paths in the immediate a... continue reading

Synchronising your content between YouTube and Odysee - 10 Apr 2021
Youtube is an incredible platform for sharing your video content, but in this day and age, it is becoming more and more important to have your content available on multiple platforms and locations.Odysee is an up and coming video platform that may end up being a genuine competitor to YouTube. Odysee... continue reading

Loch Thom history documentary - 23 Oct 2020
In the hills high above the town of Greenock, in Scotland, there lies a body of water that played a vital role in the town’s history. Today it supplies the town and surrounding area with drinking water, but in the past it was the power house of the local industrial revolution. Loch Thom i... continue reading

Old Church Graveyard - 19 Sep 2020
In this video, we paid a visit to an old church graveyard located in Inverkip on the west coast of Scotland.The cemetery is no longer an active burial ground but it does contain a lot of fairly impressive gravestones, for such a small cemetery. It is always interesting to get the chance to look at o... continue reading

Abandoned 1810 Dry Dock - 26 Aug 2020
This dry dock is located within the town of Greenock in Scotland. It is often referred to as the submarine dock because it was laterally involved in the construction and maintenance of submarines.The dock was built in 1810 as part of the former Steele's shipyard at Cartsdyke Greenock. It was later t... continue reading

Abandoned Farm Ruins - 18 Aug 2020
This location was spotted on Google Earth. It just looked like a mark on the land. I then looked at the area using old maps provided online by the National Library Of Scotland and confirmed it was, in fact, an old farm building called Glenbrae farm. This is located within the Corlic Hill area o... continue reading

Experimental Radar Station - 15 Aug 2020
We found this building when looking around the surrounding area on old maps. When we later looked on Google Earth, there was still evidence of a structure at the site. We went up the hill to see what remains of it. The building can be briefly seen from some of the surrounding roads and looks like it... continue reading

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