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Drones and Urban Exploration - 16 Jul 2019
Over the past decade drones have become increasingly more advanced. The technology has certainly made them a lot more user friendly and functional than before. When drones first appeared they were very much hit and miss. They were prone to crashing, having fly-away incidents where control was l... continue reading

Steam Train Operating At Dunaskin - 22 Jun 2019
When we visited the Dunaskin Ironworks to make an exploration video we had no idea that it was a running day for the Scottish industrial railway centre. We arrived to late to be able to see much of the running, but were able to capture some drone footage of one of the steam engines heading into... continue reading

How can graffiti vanish? - 22 Jun 2019
When we were planning a trip to explore Balrossie school, as part of our research we watched other exploration videos of the location. This is something we do regularly because it helps us to prepare for the explore and gives us an idea what to look out for. It may also point out interesting par... continue reading

Drone Footage of AA Gun Battery - 18 Jun 2019
There are Anti-Aircraft (AA) Batteries all across the UK. It can be very interesting to see these locations from the air. A drone can be an incredible tool for getting such shots. This footage was filmed at the Bogside Battery in Scotland. We have also done a foot explore of this location. You can r... continue reading

Reviving a bee with sugar and water - 18 Jun 2019
From time to time you will come across a bee within your house our outdoors and at first glance it may appear to be dead. If you gently move the bee it may quickly "wake up" and fly away or it may display small movements and an labored attempt at walking. In the later case you can attempt to revital... continue reading

What are Explorettes? - 17 Jun 2019
If you are a regular viewer of our YouTube channel you may have noticed a new playlist called "Explorettes".  This is where we will place any content that we do not feel qualifies as an urban explore. We used the term Explorette to mean "mini explores" but we will also be using it for additiona... continue reading

Protecting Locations - 17 Jun 2019
Every year we loose many locations as a direct result of a few people who set out to destroy them. If you provide location details then you are giving these people the information they need. You should always protect your locations and only share them with people you know and trust. We only provide ... continue reading

A Few Changes - 17 Jun 2019
We have recently made quite a lot of changes to our website. Some of them are fairly obvious (text and images) but must of the changes have been to the software we use to run the website. The aim was to simplify the process of adding new content. What we have done is added a blog section to the webs... continue reading

What Is RealUrbex - 17 Jun 2019
Urban exploration often shortened to "Urbex" is a hobby that has been in existence for a long time. There have always been unofficial rules regarding urbex but they were not and are not always followed. There are people who set out to steal from locations or vandalize locations.RealUrbex is a moveme... continue reading

Abandoned Railway Cottage - 11 Jun 2019
The remains of a former railway cottage that had been converted and modernized into a home before being destroyed by fire. This railway cottage was part of the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway. It was formerly Houston railway station on the princess pier line. The station first opened in 1871 and w... continue reading

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