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Greenock Cemetery - 21 May 2019
The cemetery in Greenock is one of the largest burial grounds in Europe. It encompasses a large area including areas of mature woodland. There are graved within the cemetery dating back to the 1700s. Many of the graves within Greenock cemetery are very old and there are some notable names includ... continue reading

Dunaskin Ironworks - 07 May 2019
The Dunaskin Ironworks is located close to the town of Patna in Ayrshire. During the 18th century, the site had an ironworks and a brickworks. Today the site still contains remains and structures from both these industries. It is also the current home of the Scottish Industrial Railway Museum. T... continue reading

Bandeath Munitions Storage Depot - 23 Apr 2019
RHAD Bandeath is a WWI era munitions storage facility located on the banks of the River Forth in Scotland that was built by the Royal Navy during WWI and was subsequently used following the out-break of the second world war The site at Bandeath consists of a large number of storage warehouses a... continue reading

Parrot Anafi Flight at Brisbane Glen - 18 Apr 2019
Another quick test flight with our Parrot Anafi drone. This time we headed out to Brisbane Glen in North Ayrshire, Scotland to try and take in some scenic shots. The light was not great but we were able to try and get some nice shots. The Parrot Anafi is a great little drone. It bosts a 21 Megap... continue reading

Parrot Anafi Drone Test Flight - 13 Apr 2019
We recently purchased a new tool to help us create better videos. We bought a parrot Anafi drone. This drone allows us to capture footage and images that would otherwise simply not be possible The Parrot Anafi drone is a camera drone that shoots in 4k (also supports HDR video) it also takes stills ... continue reading

Countryside Scenery - 08 Apr 2019
This video is not an urban explore. It is a sequence of scenic shots we filmed whilst scouting for locations. These shots were filmed around the area of Loch Thom and the Gryffe reservoir in Greenock, Scotland. These were filmed between our Nikon D5500 and HTC U11 Life smartphone. View... continue reading

Victorian Paper Mill - 19 Mar 2019
A very quick look at the remains of an old Victorian paper mill in the town on Greenock in Scotland. This was at one time a large milling building powered by water running off the hills. The paper mill was powered by water from the Shaw's waterway that was flowing down from Loch Thom. We can als... continue reading

How to Urbex - 12 Mar 2019
In this video we take a quick look at how we explore. Mainly focusing on the research aspect of urban exploration. Urbex is not just about exploring it's about finding and researching new locations to explore. This is not designed to be a definitive guide to urban exploring. It's simply a look a... continue reading

Walkinshaw Gardens and Stables - 05 Mar 2019
Walkishaw Gardens is all the remains of the once grand house called Walkinshaw House in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The gardens comprise a walled garden area and horse stables. The main building (Walkinshaw House) was demolished in 1927 when the early RAF airbase was being constructed at Abbotsinch.... continue reading

Image Collage - 26 Feb 2019
This video is an image collage of urbex locations we have taken over the past 12 months. It is a bit of a mix of locations we have previously uploaded and some we are still to share. The image collection is also very varied. It includes images taken at industrial locations through to WWII struct... continue reading

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