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Photogrammetry and Recording History - 10 Oct 2022
Photogrammetry is a method that enables us to create very detailed 3D models from still images. If we wish to create a 3D model of an object we can achieve this by taking a large number of high-resolution still images and then using software to merge these images into a 3D object. This can be ve... continue reading

Haylie Brae Cemetery - 10 Oct 2022
The Haylie Brae Cemetery is a burial ground located in the town of Largs, North Ayrshire, Scotland. The cemetery was opened in 1959 and is no longer available for new burials. It is believed that more than 12,000 burials have taken place within the cemetery. The land is well maintained and on our... continue reading

Garvochs Farm - 10 Oct 2022
Garvochs Farm is a ruinous former farm located in Greenock, Scotland. The farm is located on the banks of Loch Thom and dates back to the early 1800s. The building forms a square "U" shaped structure with the main central section being the home. The two opposing sections would have been byres or co... continue reading

Lathallan House. - 10 Oct 2022
Lathallan House is a ruinous former mansion house located in Scotland. The building was constructed in 1826. The house and its estate were originally known as Lawrence Park. It later became known as Lathallan House. The building is now in very poor condition. It is little more than a roofless she... continue reading

The Secret Lake - 16 Apr 2022
We had heard of a body of water known by some locals as the "Secret Lake" in Inverclyde, Scotland. The lake is a man-made dam in the hills above Greenock. It was built at some point between the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is believed it provided a water supply to Ardgowan House within the&nb... continue reading

The Horses Tomb - 04 Apr 2022
The Horses Tomb is a building located in an area of woodland within the town of Wemyss Bay, Scotland. The tomb is believed to have been built by Lord Inverclyde who owned the nearby Castle Wemyss. The tomb would have been within the grounds of the former castle.It is believed that the tomb was built... continue reading

Balrossie Schoool Destroyed by Fire - 05 Mar 2022
When we started our YouTube channel the first location we filmed was Balrossie School in Kilmacolm, Scotland. Since then we have visited the building on a number of locations and seen a gradual decline in the condition of the building. The entire building had become unsafe and we had decided ou... continue reading

Tiny Grain Mill - 19 Jan 2022
We were looking over some old Ordnance Survey maps when we spotted a small building labelled "Mill". We took a drive out to the location to see if there was any evidence of the building. We were pleasantly surprised to see the building was still there and it appears a be getting looked after by a lo... continue reading

Dunmore House - 19 Jan 2022
Dunmore House in Scotland was built between 1820 and 1825 and was a grand mansion. It was an ancestral home for generations before briefly becoming a girls school. The building was abandoned in the 1970s and has since become a ruin. It is now nothing more than a shell but It is still an interesting ... continue reading

Searching For A Lost Mill - 06 Sep 2021
Old maps can be great resources for investigating the past. Every now and then we will discover an old building shown on such a map and visit the location to see if there is anything remaining.This is one such example... We were browsing old maps provided by the National Library of Scotland and... continue reading

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